Cave Garum Salsa mosaic origin city neapolis of carthage empire

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You are interested in the mosaic picture that depicts a cave garum, a type of fermented fish sauce that was popular in ancient Carthage empire and the city of Neapolis here is a digital painting downloadable picture available for purchase

Cave Garum Salsa is a type of garum, a fermented fish sauce that was a popular condiment in ancient Rome and Greece. Garum was made from various kinds of fish, salt, herbs, and spices, and left to ferment in the sun for several weeks or months. Cave Garum Salsa was a special variety of garum that was aged in caves, giving it a distinctive flavor and aroma.

The origin city of Cave Garum Salsa is Neapolis, a Roman city that was founded by the Carthaginians in the fifth century BC. Neapolis means “new city” in Greek, and it was located on the northeast coast of Tunisia, near modern-day Nabeul. Neapolis was a major center for the manufacture of garum and salt fish, probably the largest in the Roman world┬╣. It had around a hundred tanks for producing garum, some of which have been found by underwater archaeologists.

Neapolis was partly submerged by a powerful tsunami in 365 AD, caused by an earthquake that also affected Alexandria and Crete. The underwater ruins of Neapolis include streets, monuments, and garum factories, and they reveal the rich history and culture of this ancient city.


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