Colorful Carpet Toujane Mergoum

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Medium size carpet ” mergoum ” handmade in pure wool with geometric patterns and bright colors

Medium size carpet ” mergoum ” handmade in pure wool

This traditional embroidered flat woven carpet is made over geometric patterns with bright natural colors hand extracted from mountain plants

Handmaiden by women from the amazigh village of Toujane in the Sahara desert of Africa

Toujane’s Amazigh weavings are not only decorative objects. They are true works of art. Margoum, klim or Bakhnoug are traditionally woven by hand by the women of the village. This “carpet tables” are made from natural organic wool from sheep and sheep from the herds of the villagers of Toujane.

Dimensions 151 × 99 cm

1m 51cm X 0m 99cm


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